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Connecticut | $311.58 per hour
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Located in historical Old Wethersfield, CT and overlooking the scenic Broad Street Green, this home features elegant guest rooms, a parlor, music room, and two dining areas. It's been fully restored to its original beauty and upgraded with the latest amenities. Available for intimate weddings and celebrations with up to 40 guests. There's a beautiful ballroom on the 3rd floor of our home, that comes with tables and chairs. You can check in at 3pm, and stay overnight in our 5 bedrooms, (10 guests max overnight - no children!). Our kitchen is available for the caterers as well. Breakfast will be served the next morning by the homeowners. Check out is at 11am.

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No children allowed. Only electric candles are allowed on site. If you'd like to simply rent the ballroom, the fee is $2,000 (includes tables and chairs)