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Connecticut | $113.30 per hour
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Classic New England Ranch style home set on 3 acres in Bloomfield, CT. The property is surrounded by a charming stone wall, beautiful trees and lush green grass. The home user can access the exterior grounds for their event, electricity, water, as well as the back deck, 1 interior restroom and 1 bedroom to prep in as well. We also have a large open living room with a fireplace, that can be used upon further request. The interior is mainly white walls, with an abundance of natural lighting, and multiple sets of french doors leading to the outside.

How many hours is your home available for an event?

Which types of events would you like to host?

How many people are allowed on your property per event?

Do you require people booking your home to purchase event insurance?

Are you offering interior space, exterior space or both?

How many square feet of interior space are available?

How many bedrooms are included with your rental?

How many bathrooms are included with your rental?

Are any of the following included in your rental property?

Do you have an area on your property or close by that can be used for parking?
yes - there's a church 1 minute from the property that is willing to allow you to park

Are any of the following allowed on your property?

Are there any other restrictions?
- All events must end by 11pm. - Signed contract is required to book the home. We're glad to send this over to you prior to booking. - All bonfires must be run by the owner prior to. - Tents can be set up the day prior. Just communicate with us.