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Connecticut | $416.67 per hour
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Stunning 1822 New England home, set on 24 beautifully manicured acres. Property is partially surrounded by old stone walls, orchard, wild flowers and mature blooming trees. Formal gardens are the ideal setting for a ceremony. This privately owned property is available to rent for single day events, including weddings and other celebrations. 12 hour rentals are encouraged, and included in this listing price. No access to the interior of the home, and you must provide your own electricity (generator) and restrooms for your guests. We have hosted an outdoor wedding on the property in the past, and can guide you where to set up your tent and more.

How many hours is your home available for an event?

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Are you offering interior space, exterior space or both?
Exterior space

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On property, along outer stone wall

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Rules: Orchard, pool, vegetable garden, barn, and apiary are off limits. No bonfires or sparklers. Candles that are enclosed are allowed. All music must end by 10 pm, and all other activities must end by 11 pm. All garbage and decor must be removed off the property at the end of the event. No exceptions to this rule, due to wildlife! Tents, tables and chairs can be picked up the following day by rental company. Please note: All events must have a professional coordinator or event planner on site! We need a main point of contact and to know there is someone experienced in charge.